Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So Beyonce has the clubs cars and ladies SCREAMING a DIVA is a female version of a HUSTLER. So I'm ASKING YOU WHAT IS A DIVA?..because to be a DIVA does'nt mean you have to be a cut throat, die hard, kill niggas in your sleep type of chick. I think to hustle is to be on your SHIT!! To be independent, with kids/ or without kids, to be on your shit is tomake sure ya purse BADD, shoes BADD, hair BADD, outfit..BADD!! A Diva is the EPITOME of a BADD BITCH. Nothing or nobody can bring you down and out your element. You are a money maker with a goal at hand and nothing will or is stopping you from doing what you want and making YOUR dreams come true, your not perfect but THEY[the world around you} never, EVER see you sweat. So a DIVA is a hustler but she does'nt have to be GANSTER. A diva is CLASSY, SASSY, INTELLIGENT, SMOOTHE, AND ON TOP OF HER GAME AND YOURS. A true Diva knows when to speak and when to chill, she's not at EVERY party but when she kicks it...SHE KICKS IT. So ladies I'm not knocking Beyonce Because I too am a HUGE fan but I think a DIVA is more than a GANSTA BITCH!! SO LADIES GET ALL YOUR SHIT TO TOGETHER HOOLD YOUR HEAD UP, DO YOUR CATWALK, AND BE A DIVA IN YOUR OWN RIGHT..CAUSE BABY YOU GOT IT GOIN ONNNNN!!..PEACE AND LOVE


Mista Jaycee said...

DIVA means Goddess literally. In Opera a DIVA is the leading female singer. Prima Donna is another word for it.

It has gotten to be known for being difficult but it literally means the first or Goddess.

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