Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bad Bitch of the month: NICKI MINAJ

I can honestly say that at first I wasn't a fan because I didn't know exactly how to embrace this Barbie Character NICKI MINAJ, but after carefully doing my own research I can say that she pretty ill , and I'm proud to call myself a fan because she holds her own and shes extremely witty, clever and very SALUTE TO MISS MINAJ...mwuah!-ASHFUFU


Why is thing called LOVE so damn complicated? I feel as if I'm ready for love but loves isn't exactly ready for me. as I'm sitting here waiting to exhale I ask myself two things: why? and when? Why am I still and single, And when is the right one coming around? I have dated many Mr.Wrong and had my fare share of Booty Calls. I recently had and Epiphany. I feel as if I am ready to take the next step, I am ready for...LOVE? Maybe he's out there or maybe he'll never be out there who knows...LOVE&RELATIONSHIP'S have evolved into something so extremely complicated with the evolution of technology. Everything is so informal and impersonal. now you never have to go beyond a text message or email people barely even know the person laying next to them in bed...-Ashfufu

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Raspberry Kisses To The GAME-LESS Brothas

Men and Women are truly from two different PLANETS. As you all know I'm still single in the City. Weekend by weekend Me and my Girls Shamika and Latianna go out seeking a good time blowing Raspberry Kisses as we walk pass, as three beautiful young women we run across pork sausages who feel the need to try and "game" us but for all you game less brothers out there real recognize real and your looking pretty familiar. so for now like always I'll still be blowing Raspberry Kisses..MWUAH!-AshFUFU

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


COMING MAY 28, 2010


In life we have certain goals we set out to achieve. Like for instance I expected to be a college graduate with a degree in Political Science and a Minor in Pan-African Studies BY NOW, but due to nonchalance and much chicken footing I had to prolong that goal for some extra years. So to get back on topic it's not about the goals you set, it's about the level of seriousness you take them at. If you don't take your own life and goals serious it's your own destiny that you are manipulating. In life you only can control a minimal amount of your destiny with fate controlling the rest, so start taking it serious. Because in the end it's only YOUR time that you wasted....PEACE&Love

Monday, May 3, 2010

love,LOVE, lust, LUST, cheat, CHEAT, lie, LIE, sex, SEX

I must say that this will forever more be the topic of the century and centuries to come. I recently found myself in a "RELATIONSHIP" but my GUY, like most guys and girls couldn't shake his past. He felt the need to keep in contact with women he had sexual encounters with, sending and receiving very explicit sexual messages so I decided that I couldn't handle it and I broke it off. After our confrontation he states that he "Loves, me and wants to be with me for the rest of his life, and that I never really loved him if I could break up with him so easy over those dirty messages", but I simply explained to him that I couldn't possibly believe that he wasn't having sex with these girls. The messages were very explicit and it hurt my feelings to think that he was possibly cheating, even though he pleads his innocence, and says that they were just talking, How am I supposed to know if he's being truthful and if he is so in love with me why would you feel the need to have a "textual" relationship with so many other girls?? Love is abused and misused over and over, and like I have stated in the past relationships are NOT FOR EVERYBODY ;)....UNTIL NEXT TIME love and PEACE

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Window Seat?

I don't know if it's just me but I feel like EVERY track on Erykah Badus new album New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh has always been "MY SONG"!!! I deeply and truely feel that she speaks to her fans, and connects with us on a level so deep that even when she puts out new music it's so good that it feels like old music that we already knew. I feel like I always had these tracks and I did'nt have to hear them a million times to get used to them. She is AMAZING and I love her!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

BAD BITCH of the Month:: Rihanna

Friday, February 12, 2010


"I never knew a love, a love like this.."-Common
Love is something that is already set in stone. God has already matched you with your husband or wife. It is up to you to weed through the weeds and find your ROSE. I have always wrote about love, what to do when you find love, how do you know if its true, and things of that nature. But I never reallly wrote about me actually finding love. Recently I had a horrible experience with a guy who I thought was my night in shining armor. He said all the right things at first but shortly after all the wooing I got the boot. He dumped me with no reason as to why. So as all ladies in my situation I was extremely sad, I cried, I complained and then reluctantlty after feeling sorry for myself I got over him went out with my FAVORITE GIRLS, and there in the mist of getting my sexy on and my groove back I met him... he was TALL, DARK, STYLISH, and HANDSOME. He definately stood apart from the crowd and I couldn't resit approaching him....or maybe it was the tequilla but either way I had to talk to him...after seductively grabbing his hand I moved in and told him.."I think you are soo cute.." after that I walked away an so did he...and then the DJ played my song as I found my self dancing to the beat I felt a strong pressence behind me after we shred a dance we exchanged numbers. We have so much in common and our connection is amazing..I find myself falling for him, but my past has taught me that I should take it slow and not get in over my as of today we're in bliss is it LOVE? WHO know's? But I will keep you updated..UNTIL NEXT TIME Love&Peace- AshFUFU

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Black Women in History: DAISY BATES

Daisy Bates was raised in Huttig, Arkansas, by adoptive parents. In 1941, she married L. C. Bates, a friend of her father. L. C. was a journalist, though he worked selling insurance during the 1930s

L. C. and Daisy Bates invested in a newspaper, the Arkansas State Press. In 1942, the paper reported on a local case where a black soldier, on leave from Camp Robinson, was shot by a local policeman. An advertising boycott nearly broke the paper, but a statewide circulation campaign increased the readership, and restored its financial viability.

School Desegregation in Little Rock:
In 1952, Daisy Bates became the Arkansas branch president of the NAACP. In 1954, when the Supreme Court ruled racial segregation of schools was unconstitutional, Daisy Bates and others worked to figure out how to integrate the Little Rock Schools. Expecting more cooperation from the administration in integrating the schools than they found, the NAACP and Daisy Bates began working on various plans, and finally, in 1957, had settled on a basic tactic.

Seventy-five African American students registered at Little Rock's Central High School. Of these, nine were chosen to actually be the first to integrate the school; they became known as the Little Rock Nine. Daisy Bates was instrumental in supporting these nine students in their action.

In September of 1952, Arkansas' governor Faubus arranged for the Arkansas National Guard to prevent the African American students from entering Central High School. In response to the action, and to protests of the action, President Eisenhower federalized the guard and sent in federal troops. On September 25, 1952, the nine students entered Central High amid angry protests.

The next month, Daisy Bates and others were arrested for not turning over NAACP records. Though Daisy Bates was no longer an officer of the NAACP, she was fined; her conviction was eventually overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Could Have Been In Love By Now If It Wasn't For T.O.N.Y.

Ladies how many times do we sit by the phone waiting for T.O.N.Y. to call us? Thinking that maybe just maybe THIS TIME, THIS GUY, will be different. Thinking that you put it on him so good that you knew he wasn't going anywhere!! When in all actuality you were just a another piece of easy ASS that he calls when he's bored, or when he wants to be in your company. Where do we as women draw the line and say no!! Your PUSSY is worth so much more than a quickie once you realize that!! T.O.N.Y. will be a thing of the past. As women we deserve more than sex, we deserve COMPASSION, ROMANCE,LOVE and MONOGAMY. Take back your PUSSY'S and regain your SEXY, FEMININE, FABULOUS Self back. You are a PHENOMENAL woman and a beautiful creature who deserves more than T.O.N.Y.[The Other Night YYYYYY???]

Friday, January 29, 2010


1. Lawrence Ellis Jr.

Twitter: @EllisByLaw
Age: 21
Height: 6'4
Sign: Leo
Birth Place: Frankfurt, Germany
School: Georgia State University
Home Town: Cleveland,OHIO
Business Venture: To take over the oil Industry.
Last Destination: San Francisco,California
Favorite Place: London, ENGLAND
Where will you be in 5yrs?: On the cover of GQ Magazine.
Biggest Turn-ON: Long Legs
Biggest Turn-OFF: Bad Breath, and Bad Teeth
Boxers or Briefs: Boxer-Briefs
Where would you take a first date: The Amusement Park.
Tell PINKSUGAR a secret: I had my first one-night stand last year.

BubbleGUM is always Pink

Sometime we stress ourselves out so much that we forget about the little things. In 2010 I vow to take things slow and never forget that bubblegum is always pink and that most of our micro dramas and mini crisis are never really worth the hassle. Sometime you need to sit back and just talk to your self, because if you get so consumed with life's Dramas you might forget about whats most important...YOURSELF!...AS ALWAYS AshFUFU SIGNING OUT Peace&LOVE

Bad Bitch of the Month: FOXY BROWN

Monday, December 28, 2009

KELIS the original BAD BITCH


Saturday, December 26, 2009

:::Lust and Emotions:::

This Christmas brought out my multiple phases of LOVE. I found that often LUST can rear it's ugly head and cause you to feel "love". It can take over your heart and make you believe your in ACTUALLY in LOVE...I MYSELF AM CURRENTLY IN A love-lust TRIANGLE. I have been friends with some one for about 8 yrs and the last 3yrs we have had a sexual connection. I thought I was in LOVE with him, but quickly realized it was LUST. He is the sweetest guy but sometimes in all our emotions I feel WE BOTH get caught up in the convenience of each others company and we for A SPLIT SECOND make ourselves believe it's more than a casual friendship; that from time to time turns sexual. While I also have been chasing MR.WRONG for a year. Finally I give it up and him up and he finds a way to rear his ugly head into my life. I really dug him and I found myself to be obsessed with him, so I held back and he noticed. When I held back ...I KEPT BEING REMINDED OF HIM THROUGH "SIGNS". I kept seeing his name and hearing his music..finally when I finally cut the rope...I see him at a popular night club, as I'm checking my coat. He walks in and we exchange glances..I see him starring me down but I ignore it. Now I'm at the is he, since we're opposite sides I can see him starring at me. After I get my drink I bump into him and he makes small talk but I keep it short and he follows me to my designated area and tries to dance with me. All the while I'm thinking this is the most attention you've given me all month and I don't want it. So after a love toggle he realizes that I'm not on him and instead of WALKING AWAY, he pulls up to the JUNGLE BOOTY BITCH right next to me and starts feeling her up. Shes in a damn skintight catsuit and dirty dancing all over the floor, and after that every girl that was in my sight got a dance or his number. He chased me all over the club attempting to dance next to me each time....I hate that I love/lust him because, he is truly an ASSHOLE. While I have and older more accomplished guy I've been courting that meets all my needs and wants, but there is one thing....HIS BREATHE STINKS....idk I need help...until next time peace&love -ASHFUFU

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Have you ever heard the term "It's all fare in LOVE and WAR"?? Well I've been in the battle for LOVE for a couple of years and I've lost countless soldiers. NEVER ACCOMPLISHING victory. In life you are placed with various people to see if you fit..but why?? How do you ween Mr/Mrs WRONG from Mr/Mrs RIGHT? I mean why are we forced to waste time with these losers and shed blood on the battlefield called "RELATIONSHIPS". When the majority of the time the soldier we're at battle for will be kicked out for....DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE OR MIRACULOUSLY GO A-wall?? Like save me the trouble of the losers in my path and just send me a winner.. I spend countless seconds with the wrong type of person because I'm afraid of being alone. The pressure to be in a relationship is extremely see happy couples EVERYWHERE.. I just want someone who will hold me down and lift me up when needed and in return I do the same...I'm tired of fighting this never ending "DATING" battle because sadly to say Im am losing...UNTIL NEXT TIME love and peace the holiday season ASHFUFU

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pink SUGAR* BUBBLEGUM and Lipstick of Course

My 22nd birthday weekend was one to definately remeber...I had a good time with good friends and I met some new Animals. I now know that in order to achieve greatness you just have to be a believer in ALL things positive, and squeeze the negative juice out your soul. Happiness is something that you can only give yourself, if your not happy others don't have the power to make you happy. You just got to be a beliver in ALL things Good and take back your own life and destiny! lIFE IS TOOO SHORT TO DEPEND ON AN VARIABLE TO MAKE YOUR EMOTIONS COME TO LIFE. Read PinkSUGAR*, chew massive amounts of BUBBLEGUM, and be the girl with the HOTT lipstick on or go for the chick with the hott LIPSTICK ON!! love u always ASHFUFU*

Monday, December 7, 2009

BEYONCE<------------------------->LADY GAGA {TELEPHONE}

I love this new joint by GAGA & B

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Did ROSES bring us together?

This summer My Love John Van Cezanne, introduced me to the hottest song I've ever heard.......Roses..this song is by MOS DEF ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow. Now I am a HUGE fan of this man but when I say this song made me OBSESSED with him, just know It's TRUTH....soo getting back on topic yesterday in a popular computer lab on campus, I felt a slight connection to a known I starred him down from his dreads to his Adidas....we had a connection...for the first time since July I heard ROSES, THIS CUTIE HAD THE NERVE TO BE PLAYING MY SONG!!!..and as I eyed him down we connected eyes I smiled he smiled, as he finished his greeting I told him that was my song and with a wink he turned it up and we had a Did Roses bring us together???

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Badd B!@#$ OF THE MONTH: Grace Jones


Often we as black people find our selves in situations where we are left wondering "WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?". We often have issues with finding ourselves, and where OUR place in the world is. We struggle with our identities, our culture, relating to our families, peers, and friends. We don't really know our purpose or place but as we attempt to find it we try to piece to together the piece of our puzzle and we try to figure out where do we belong. When doing this you should make a list or start a journal. Documenting where you've been and where your going, add your likes, dislikes, goals, and dreams. As you embark on this journey take your time because finding yourself may take forever. Don't be afraid to try new stuff, meet new people, and travel to a foreign country. Life is about making mistakes and learning from them. Don't expect a perfect path, because in life it is our imperfections that makes us unique and gives of experience. Peace and Love ♥ AshFUFU

Saturday, November 28, 2009

i THINK i LOVE her how many time do we find ourselves in a slum wondering if he or she loves us or not!!!...AND then finally when we finally say F#@K it!! We find out that he/she really did like us!!!?? They just didn't know how to approach the situation...I'm sooo tired of breaking it off with a certain some one and months later they resurface talking bout they loved me an they wanna be with me like dude WTF???? That shits annoying as fuck!! So alll you confused LOVERS OUT THERE CUT THAT SHIT OUT!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

all that GLITTERS and GOLDS

As approaching a relationship, it's amazing to find someone that "appears" to have their shit together!! But sometimes you need to look deeper into a person's heart to see what they really have to offer. My ex-boyfriend has been slowly but surely trying to resurface back in to my life...he's 3 years too late. He appears to have his shit together but him and I both know the naked truth. He's really fucked up on the inside. He has a lot of issues and he's a Liar, but his opposing argument is..."I'm FINE, I got a nice truck and I got money. Why wouldn't you wan to be with me?" after this comment.. I died and I simply told him that money and looks can only get you so far, and they have only gotten you so far. I wasted sooo much time trying to love you and you didn't appreciate me. He thought as long as I had everything he could do anything. So sometimes it's not about who has the best car, or most money or even looks the best because in the end you end up sacrificing something important for glitter and gold...MWUAH!! ♥ - AshRog

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Love That Never Was

To be intertwined in passion...
Deep in orgasmic thoughts...
Love spelled, numb..and at peace with ones self...
I wonder...
Does he feel me, am I really his?
Does he yearn for me? Like I yearn for him?
Can he sense this love is real?
I wake up in shock because instead of sweet dreams...
I ponder bad things...
Like him leaving me, or him loving her...
I'm a realist, and I need security...
NOT a ring but in it's place, give me the opposite of promiscuity...
Be monogomous
Leaving our LOVE, SEX, MINDS & SOULS only between us...
So do you feel me...
LIke I feel you?