Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fighting Temptations, not BITING the DEVIL'S PIE

Ever since Adam and Eve it's been a struggle for MANkind and WOMANkind alike to avoid the JUICY temptations of the "DEVILS PIE", no matter how hard you try to stay on the right track it's always something in your way trying to knock you out your game. It seems as though when your looking for someone, you never find them but when your in a
"committed" relationship, EVERYBODY all of a sudden finds you MOST desirable and will go through fire hoops to sleep with you. It's like what the HELL??!! No matter how hard we try to strip ourselves of all things bad we tend to slip up making that one wrong move, biting a HUGE CHUNK of that pie. Is one night in SADDAM & GOMORRAH worth and eternity of punishment? When your good your good, but when your seems like that never dies down. It haunts you forever. So it makes you wanna think twice before you cheat, steal, kill, drink that liquor, smoke that weed, have un-protected sex or sell that dope. It ALL seems like the best choice at THAT moment but look at the baggage it scars you with. Because if you cheat you might loose the best thing in your life, if you steal you could go to jail or someone could TAKE YOUR LIFE for the petty crime. If you kill the TERROR will haunt you forever, plus jail time, no parole and or death penalty. If you drink too much you might not wake up , or regret EVERYTHING that happened the night before. if you smoke that weed you just might feel better!! LOL!!...NO I'M JUST KIDDING!! SAY NO TO DRUGS ;). I f you dont use a latex..oh boy can you say STD, a baby mama, a baby daddy, 808 & heartbreaks. And last but not least if you sell dope, eventually it will ALL catch up with you and you will REAP EVERYTHING YOU SOW. So people be responsible and just say NO to the pie!! PEACE♥