Monday, February 23, 2009

♥ [[MAYBE]] ♥

So I'm listening to SEEING SOUNDS, MAYBE [[yes!yes! this is thee greaest N*E*R*D* JOINT]] by far, but I'm not biased I'm just truthful, LOL!! But yea back to the topic at hand "If it was yours it would come back to you..." how true is this statement. Because truth be told EVERYBODY that comes back is'nt the "ONE" sometimes we as humans have and unhealthy fatal attraction to all things WRONG! If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend stay "ON AGIAN/ OFF AGAIN", maybe you should turn it off and keep it off. Because in the end all your wasting is precious TIME. TIME that you will NEVER be able to get back. We think the longer we invest the better the relationship will be. But truely like Common says, " dont take a whole day to recognize sunshine..". meaning it doesn't take five years to put a ring on it!! Beacuse time and time agin we have couples who devoted 5, 7, 10 years to a person who "ALL OF A SUDDEN" up's and leaves meets someone new and get's married in less than have the time. I mean ladies and fellas stop taking back the losers you gave up, beacuse your "EX" is your "EX" for a reason. I'm not saying dont EVER give a relationship a SECOND chance but people dont be blind. If you find that NOTHINGS CHANGED move on!! LET IT GO like Keyshia said, BEACUSE IN THE END YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF REGRETING IT. STOP SETTLING FOR THE FAMILIAR AND MOVE ON TO SOMETHING NEW!! PEACE AND LOVE