Friday, February 27, 2009


As a people we love to criticize and critique our family, friends and complete strangers. Putting their hair, dress, attitude, and personal taste on the chopping block. But who are WE too judge. when you judge you are making your self holier than thou. In the sense of "I'M UP HERE AND YOUR DOWN THERE, SO THEREFORE I'M BETTER THAN YOU AND I CAN DO NO WRONG" while really everyone is at fault for something, and all sins are created equal. God judges everybody by the same book and NOBODY is in any position to JUDGE anybody because you never know where people are coming from and what they've been through. People tend to pull apart people for things that they really are envious. If your told your too cocky or loud really sometimes it means, "I WISH I WAS AS CONFIDENT AND COCKY AS SHE/ OR HE IS". So don't buy into EVERYONE'S advice because its not all done in your best INTEREST. We judge people and hold people at fault for things we have done ourselves. Sometimes we need to sit back and say "I'm not perfect, and neither is she/ or he", we need to realize that everyone has faults and that nobody can really judge anybody because it's very hard to walk in somebody else shoe. We judge off one tiny aspect of someone's life when there's a million other important aspect to consider. So before you go putting somebody down or you find your self judging think about what they could say about you. Judge and be judged. That's the word for the day...PeaCe & LoVe ♥