Thursday, November 13, 2008


Human nature is to be attracted to those who look like us, we see similiar features, attitudes, qualities, tastes and various other aspects, that we love about ourelves in our mates. BUT there is the exception of opposites attracting one another..the guy u never could see yourself with may end up being the love of your life. The girl u just cant seem to get over, MAY END UP being the not so girl next door. Why do we as people make things so complicated. Living in norms or what the public views as norms. Why cant you love someone the first day you meet them or find love at first sight. Why must we play around for months maybe years before we say " I love u!!".....I mean who made these "LOVE" RULES AND WHY DOES EVERYBODY SWEAR BY THEM...I mean why should you be crazy if you and ur 8mth girlfrend get engaged???? and all u 7 year relatioships can call it quits because to waste seven years of your life on a boyfriend and not a "HUSBAND" IS SO STUPID IN MINE EYES. Whats the hold up..why cant u marry her if your taking up all her time....this thing called "love" is sooo over rated..if u love me tell me exactly when u feel it..dont be cool bcuz if u dont you never no who else is whispering it in my ears....until wenever..PeACe & LoVE!!!!!!!


Drew said...

dope...i luv ya blog! Kudos ma...