Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pink SUGAR* BUBBLEGUM and Lipstick of Course

My 22nd birthday weekend was one to definately remeber...I had a good time with good friends and I met some new Animals. I now know that in order to achieve greatness you just have to be a believer in ALL things positive, and squeeze the negative juice out your soul. Happiness is something that you can only give yourself, if your not happy others don't have the power to make you happy. You just got to be a beliver in ALL things Good and take back your own life and destiny! lIFE IS TOOO SHORT TO DEPEND ON AN VARIABLE TO MAKE YOUR EMOTIONS COME TO LIFE. Read PinkSUGAR*, chew massive amounts of BUBBLEGUM, and be the girl with the HOTT lipstick on or go for the chick with the hott LIPSTICK ON!! love u always ASHFUFU*