Thursday, October 15, 2009

all that GLITTERS and GOLDS

As approaching a relationship, it's amazing to find someone that "appears" to have their shit together!! But sometimes you need to look deeper into a person's heart to see what they really have to offer. My ex-boyfriend has been slowly but surely trying to resurface back in to my life...he's 3 years too late. He appears to have his shit together but him and I both know the naked truth. He's really fucked up on the inside. He has a lot of issues and he's a Liar, but his opposing argument is..."I'm FINE, I got a nice truck and I got money. Why wouldn't you wan to be with me?" after this comment.. I died and I simply told him that money and looks can only get you so far, and they have only gotten you so far. I wasted sooo much time trying to love you and you didn't appreciate me. He thought as long as I had everything he could do anything. So sometimes it's not about who has the best car, or most money or even looks the best because in the end you end up sacrificing something important for glitter and gold...MWUAH!! ♥ - AshRog


♥RockSteddyBaby♥ said...

It's all about knowing your self worth, and what you're willing to accept from and put into a relationship...
I think one of the main reasons guys today define themselves by material things, is because there are those select females out there who will zoom straight in on those assets, and let them determine whether the guy has a chance with her...but, simply put, glitter and gold just appeal more to gold-diggers... blessed is she who's got her own! Lol ♥

Lionhearted.Black! said...

Great post!!! Your blog is still the sweetest! I read all your post... your the new black woman an ssI... intellectual