Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Gentlemens Guide: To how to approach a LADY..."DON'T BE SCARED"

Recently I was faced with a dilemma, a "Gentleman" approached me and inquired a about a possible, courtship between us. But before we were able to build a friendship he browsed my MYSPACE [] and entered in to MY ROYAL QUEENDOM.... after that it went down hill. He took my love of all things fashionable, beautiful and fabulous in a negative perspective. He became distant and decided that "YOUR TOOO MUCH...AND I WOULD NEVER DATE ANYONE WHO HAS A NEED TO BE SEEN....ASHLEY YOUR TOO FLASHY" .
This statement hurt like a sale at Nordstrom's without ANYTHING in your size!! I was completely shutdown and I wasn't even the one pursuing him. He was the purser. It hurt the most because It wasn't the first time my bold sense of fashion was used against me. There is a huge difference from a woman who NEEDS to be seen and a woman who is NOT AFRAID to be seen. I do this thing called FASHION for myself...not for the people. I dress not to impress but to express. See I am something like and artist and my body is my canvas. I use clothing and accessories as if they were tools of artistic expression. So when a Gentleman approaches me I don't want him to be intimidated by me, but give me a chance to show him my mind, and soul. I want him to allow me to build a connection with him and be able to move past our outer layers. But I keep running across "GENTLEMEN" who are intimidated by my bold sense of fashion...soo my advice to all you Gent's if you like a girl don't stop liking her because she's too flashy, bold, or just plain weird. Every girl's not a plain Jane and if you really like her you can look past her outer layer because it just might be worth your while LOVE AND PEACE!!!....A-ROG