Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AIDS still exhist???? Why should I get tested?

This issue is so important to me because I have not one but two family members who have this disease. One I lost and one still living. I feel like as black women we need to be more cautious of who we let into our lives, beds, and bodies. Men only do what we let them and we as women need to take a stand on who we have sex with. Because it's becoming a huge epidemic. You can't trust that he's safe you have to NO he's safe make your man take a STD test and wear a condom. Disease is real and women are falling subject to this more and more. AIDS STILL EXIST. and we all need to go out and get tested because it is a sick epidemic. Ladies it is 2009 you should be going out and buying your own condoms because if you don't protect yourself nobody will......this was your P.S.A. for the and peace...ASH


Manoel José de Santana(Manoel Limoeiro) said...

American friend found your blog mavilhoso. I love your country. I do not want to make the Brazilian President to the IMF money. And our people need a good medical care, public safety and so on. Hug a friend of the Manoel Limoeiro Brazil.

Friend love you like you were my follower on my blog. Do it please ok baby. A hug from: Manoel do Brazil.