Thursday, February 19, 2009


Every addiction does not lie in and empty beer or vodka botttle, or at the end of a blunt, crack pipe or coke line. People ASSUME that if it can't kill you it's not a REAL addiction. Well PEOPLE you can be addicted to SHOPPING, DIAMONDS, SEX, BOYS, GIRLS, LOVE, AND MONEY!! This is when your love for one or more of these items takes over. When you can't function without it. Some people laugh at the new movie COFFESSIONS OF A SHOPOHOLIC. But when I seen it I was looking in a mirror. We often think these are cute quirky addictions until it COMEPLETLY TAKES OVER!! You should never feel like one thing in life is the the reason for you happiness beacuse that's how it starts, never be co-dependent on any thing or person. LADIES stop being a damsel and get OVER THAT LOSER!!! yOU DNT NEED HIM BECAUSE IN EVERY DAME is a D*I*V*A*!! We as human beings need to stop placing objects of affections on an imaginary pedestal and start living for self. Stop living in the moment and live for the future!! think long term not SHORT TERM!!...IM outty PEACE!!! ♥