Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TaKe A LooK @ yOUr BoyFRIenD :GYM CLASS HEROES Took A LOOK @ his Girlfriend NOW Ladies take A look @ ya MAN is it LUST or Love?????!!!!!

So when in a relationship..we sumtimes wear these ROSE COLORED sunglasses that really blinds us. Often we can't or won't allow ourselves to really take a look at our Boyfriends..OR Girlfriends and really see what they REALLY want for us or what they're doing to us. We often get NAIVE when it comes to our personal relationships but when reviewing a friends relationship we can spot a RAT A MILE away. Sometimes you just gotta think with your mind and take a minute to really review your mate and see if 1.THIS IS GOING ANYWHERE BESIDES THE BEDROOM?..2.IF YOU HAVE LONGEVITY?..3.ARE YOU REALLY HAPPY, AND SAFE?..4.IS THIS TRUE LOVE?...5.CAN I COUNT ON THIS PERSON?...6.IS MY BEST INTREST AT HEART?...AND..7.CAN I BRING HIM HOME TO MEET MY FAMILY? After answering all these questions you should really review your self and your "lover" and write out the PRO's & CON's. This way you can see on paper if your good out weighs your bad!!...BE SAFE, BE WISE, AND STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF!..If your in an abusive or unhealthy relationship you should get OUT and get help. There are countless hotlines you can call!! PEACE&LOVE♥


pepNdastep said...

Thats whats up! I'm definitely taking that advice & continute to dish it out. I love that you're being so real and addressing topics head on (this one is so appropriate for the time that we're living in). More power to you girlie!