Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Baby I love you,
I want to carress, undress, and sex you. LOVE me,
oh wow, see'n as how we just met
never even talked on the fone yet,
just texting...........,
i guess were texually active, texually attracted and in that,
you want to hit just like that.
Sending loves notes from celllular devices,
notes turn into love songs which then turns into to,
x-rated photos of me in pink thongs.................,
but yeah indeed i feel the steam building up,
everytime i hear beep beep ,
my insides errupt,
juices start to flow,
as i open up the text ,
i feel excited cause its,
so when we do meet in person your saying your in love,
but i dont think its love..........maybe lust,
as i text you im here you open the door ,
no hi, no hugs just a mat on the floor,
you kiss me i moan ,
then out of no where you say you love me,
to be honest you dont even Know me ,
vibing thourough texts it built up our sex ,
getting our minds wonderin and are bodies excited until we met up in lust,
and arrived in the momments.............but not in love in lust ?