Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America The land of Milk, Honey, AND REAL Opportunity: Barack Obama the advocate for CHANGE!! ELECTION "08

As a child your told that you can be what ever you wanna be. That segregation was a thing of the past and that we as Aamericans live in the land of equality and oppurtunity, but NOW when you see change it takes on a new meaning. Change means that somebody who runs and honest campainge being the honest voice of the people, my people, all Ameriacans can infact prevail and win the presidential elections with a 52% majority vote. I am proud to be an Ameriacn because now I truly beleive that I am as equal as any other American in the united states. I AM PROUD TO WAVE MY FLAG AND LIVE IN MY COUNTRY. I really wish that my grandmother Alberta Rogers, and Pandora Drake could have lived to see this triumpant defeat. My late grandfather Jimmy Drake and all the thousands of Americans that lost thier lives in the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT, because without them this could have never been possible. I thank MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. For giving us this dream and Malcolm X and MARCUS GARVEY FOR DELIGENTLY FIGHTING FOR IT. I love America nad now I truely no this is the land of oppurtunity and the land for me.