Saturday, September 27, 2008

''Baby your the hottest...........and YOUcan have what ever YOU like''

So T.I. did'nt patent the term, but he surely brought it back. "IT AINT TRICKIN IF YOU GOT IT." Throwing M.O.B. out the window an embracing the courtship between a man and a woman. Guys are not cut out from the same dough are daddies where made from. Theses days you can BARELY ask your "boyfriend" for a ride let alone some cash. But a relationship is sooo much more than that..I'm not saying drop stacks on your chick, but be thuoughtful. If your out and you see somthin that she would like buy it for her. Dont go wild at the mall on yourself and forget about your "BOO"..your "BABY"....or "YOUR GIRL".watever she is too you. LADIES I KNOW YOUR ALL ABOUT BEING INDEPENDENT, but come on it's nice for him to pick up the bill, fill up the tank, or just buy you a just because gift. I know I love a man that's not selfish because I'm NEVER selfish towards my man. So fellas dont be stingy or selfish towards your girl if you plan on keeping her. And Ladies exspect things from you guy dont let a stingy ass nigga get a away with that shit..because it's way too many niggas who dont mind taking GOOD care of their lady.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

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