Friday, February 12, 2010


"I never knew a love, a love like this.."-Common
Love is something that is already set in stone. God has already matched you with your husband or wife. It is up to you to weed through the weeds and find your ROSE. I have always wrote about love, what to do when you find love, how do you know if its true, and things of that nature. But I never reallly wrote about me actually finding love. Recently I had a horrible experience with a guy who I thought was my night in shining armor. He said all the right things at first but shortly after all the wooing I got the boot. He dumped me with no reason as to why. So as all ladies in my situation I was extremely sad, I cried, I complained and then reluctantlty after feeling sorry for myself I got over him went out with my FAVORITE GIRLS, and there in the mist of getting my sexy on and my groove back I met him... he was TALL, DARK, STYLISH, and HANDSOME. He definately stood apart from the crowd and I couldn't resit approaching him....or maybe it was the tequilla but either way I had to talk to him...after seductively grabbing his hand I moved in and told him.."I think you are soo cute.." after that I walked away an so did he...and then the DJ played my song as I found my self dancing to the beat I felt a strong pressence behind me after we shred a dance we exchanged numbers. We have so much in common and our connection is amazing..I find myself falling for him, but my past has taught me that I should take it slow and not get in over my as of today we're in bliss is it LOVE? WHO know's? But I will keep you updated..UNTIL NEXT TIME Love&Peace- AshFUFU