Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Could Have Been In Love By Now If It Wasn't For T.O.N.Y.

Ladies how many times do we sit by the phone waiting for T.O.N.Y. to call us? Thinking that maybe just maybe THIS TIME, THIS GUY, will be different. Thinking that you put it on him so good that you knew he wasn't going anywhere!! When in all actuality you were just a another piece of easy ASS that he calls when he's bored, or when he wants to be in your company. Where do we as women draw the line and say no!! Your PUSSY is worth so much more than a quickie once you realize that!! T.O.N.Y. will be a thing of the past. As women we deserve more than sex, we deserve COMPASSION, ROMANCE,LOVE and MONOGAMY. Take back your PUSSY'S and regain your SEXY, FEMININE, FABULOUS Self back. You are a PHENOMENAL woman and a beautiful creature who deserves more than T.O.N.Y.[The Other Night YYYYYY???]


P!nK Sugar* said...

this blog came from my heart because i cant seem to shake T.O.N.Y.