Thursday, December 3, 2009

Did ROSES bring us together?

This summer My Love John Van Cezanne, introduced me to the hottest song I've ever heard.......Roses..this song is by MOS DEF ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow. Now I am a HUGE fan of this man but when I say this song made me OBSESSED with him, just know It's TRUTH....soo getting back on topic yesterday in a popular computer lab on campus, I felt a slight connection to a known I starred him down from his dreads to his Adidas....we had a connection...for the first time since July I heard ROSES, THIS CUTIE HAD THE NERVE TO BE PLAYING MY SONG!!!..and as I eyed him down we connected eyes I smiled he smiled, as he finished his greeting I told him that was my song and with a wink he turned it up and we had a Did Roses bring us together???