Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whose keeping you warm?

As the leaves change in color and begin to fall we notice that autumn is slowly approaching us. As we now rush to Starbucks ordering a grande mocha latte with two shots of espresso we realize that instead of keeping us alert we are using are coffee as a mechanism to keep warm. When alone on these windy cold nights, and Starbucks is closed :( who do we turn to keep us warm at night? Who do we use as a blanket when we want to just curl up and keep warm. When dating it seems as if we just took out comfort and added convience. We will open our beds and bodies to others but when your lonely and you just want to be held can you call your "booty call", and the bigger question at hand is will he or she come. Why has relationships changed so drastically over the years. People are having more casual sex now than ever. Nobody dates! Everybody..FUCKS, and that is so sad. We as people need to stop selling ourselves so short. Sex is a wonderful thing when there are strings attached but just casual sex is as unnatural as self mutilation. Because in the end we are only hurting self.