Monday, October 5, 2009

Finding Love through it possible to be friends FIRST!?

Recently at a Cleveland event, I was presented with hope. I was reunited with and old friend from my past. In the past we weren't the best of friends but good acquaintances. You know I knew of him and him of me. So while I'm mingling with old and new friends taking my place in the DJ booth, (NO I'm NOT a DJ!!! a friend's friend is the DJ) AND LOOKING ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! I spotted a fine specimen indeed. He was very much bald, brown and handsome, he has a muscular physique and the prettiest eyes I've ever seen, now I am not one for "PRETTY" boys, but the man was gorgeous and when the light hit his hit me! I knew him and he knew me. After seductive stares at one another, I excitedly approached him and he obliged. He remembered me and was very much intrigued by the woman I had become. We talked and caught up exchanging numbers and laughs. But I don't think I was ready for what was next, within 24hrs I found myself meeting his family and him mines. We had so much in common it was extremely ironic...are little brothers are best friends!! Like who knew? Down to our majors and minors we just have common interests and ideals. For the past weeks he has enlightened me so much and offered me something deeper than sex...friendship and he arouses my intellect....and through this connection and friendship I find my self falling in the eater..has found LOVE at first site..stay tuned for the next parts. Peace!