Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are you a TOKEN friend?

To be token is to be golden. In friendship we look for token qualities. Certain morals and values have to be upheld when viewing and determining a "possible" friendship with someone. As young adults we often shape our friends around our parents ethical values. We pick and choose the "cliques" we belong to and sorority's/fraternity's we join. In our friendships we abide by certain laws and regulations, for instance not sleeping with a friends "ex" or not hooking up with siblings of "best friends". But is everyone accountable for the laws they break? Do you encounter "bff's" that don't abide by the friend laws. Are their certain friends that stir up controversy in your group? Don't feel obligated to carry a dead beat friend. As you become older and wiser your needs change and you should insure your own happiness by letting go of DRAMA, if you an JANE X have been friends since 2nd grade, but she constantly disrespects or upset you, LET HER GO!!! don't factor years known in when determining something as valuable as friendship. Because in the end you will be un-happy and stressed out. I myself am not one with endless friends but within my circle I do, have honesty and trust, and I LOVE IT THAT WAY.-peace and love ♥