Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I get SO LONELY..... :(

So Im at home in my favorite undies eating ice cream reading VOGUE, facebooking, blogging and watching the TUBE all at the same time. My daughters asleep and I start to think. It's another LONELY Satuday night, I dont have anyone to talk too, or lay with. It's like when you get a certain age or reach a certain status [[mines being single mother, fabulous, stylist, chic individual ♥ =)]] you feel like you NEED someone special in your life that will complete you. My daughter is my heart but she can only give me enough LOVE and compassion that feels 1/2 of my heart. which is my maternal heart. But my affectionate side that yearns for a mans touch, love and security is still voided out. I feel horrible for feeling lonely but WHEN DO YOU KNO ITS RIGHT? When will it be my turn to "FALL IN LOVE", when will I feel complete? I feel as though it may never come. I mean I dont know...even though I'm 21 I still feel like I'm running out of be continued