Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Justice FOR Samantha Orobator!!!: She is a pregnant black woman convicted of drug smuggling in LAOS

UK national Samantha Orbator has been in a south-east Asian prison for 8 months for alleged drug trafficking, pregnant Samantha Orbator still has not been assigned a lawyer.British woman Samantha Orobator may face the firing squad for allegations of heroin drug smuggling, the communist government of Laos said.Despite not yet being assigned a lawyer, 20-year-old Samantha Orobator will receive a fair trail the military government also claimed.

Having been jailed by the Loas government since August 2008, Samantha Orobator is accused of trying to smuggle 1.5lb (0.68kg) of heroin in her luggage. A a mandatory death penalty for persons convicted of smuggling more than 1.1lb (0.5kg) of drugs is in place.The trial for Samantha Orobator was due to begin today, UK media said.Human rights lawyer Anna Morris, told The Times newspaper that she was concerned the trial of Samantha Orobator would not meet fair judicial standards.

"She hasn’t been appointed a lawyer yet and that has been our concern," Anna Morris told the Times. "We are concerned that any hearing may be quite quick in comparison to what will happen in other countries."Meanwhile Australian woman Kay Danes told Sky News UK that the Phonthong prison where Samantha Orobator was being held regularly carries out torture, including weatherboarding and mock executions.

Kay Danes and her husband spent time at the Phonthong Prison in Loas in 2000 for alleged gem smuggling, and she said she was concerned for Samantha Orobatos and her mental state."We endured mock executions, waterboarding and torture.I watched my husband sit on a concrete floor with his legs in wooden blocks and they beat him with a steel tie brace," Kay Danes said."It's like a sauna. There's no running water. It's just floorboards you sleep on. You don't have a mattress."

"It's just horrendous. You have no protection from the elements. If there's a fire you'll burn to death. We had people dying in the prison and we were screaming for the police to take the bodies and the police just don't care."UK media report on the plight of 20-year-old Samantha Orobator.

It is unknown How Miss Orobator became pregannt but it might help in her case becasue pregnant women cannot be put to death by execution.