Monday, February 9, 2009

Top 10 SEXIEST Valentine tips to keep your 2009 Valentine begging for more ♥

1. Run your HONEY a very sexy bubbly bubble bath with his or her favorite scent, for the two of you. As you soak in the warm water gently take turns washing your partner seductively.
2.Classic but gets them EVERYTIME, cook your HONEY their favorite dessert [[sarah lee is ur best friend ;)]]..but to make it your own add chocolate covered strawberries and a afforadable champagne. THIS WILL SET THE TONE and add an elegant touch...the bubbly will be sure to get your adrenaline bubbling ;).
3. Pick out a sexy body oil and take turns seductively massaging each other, this will be sure to get the love stroking.
4. Role play like Usher said.."..tonite we're gonna trade places.." if your usually the passive one woo your lover in with a new found aggression. Get kinky and turn up the HEAT!!
5. Make a personalized slow jam mix with all of YOUR personal faves and YOUR honeys favorite get the mood groovin stand up and dedicate the first song to them followed by a slow, Slow, SLOW GRIND ;)!!
6. Have the house clean for your HONEY, after doing all the cleaning sprinkle rose petals in a neat trail leading to THE BED ROOM!!, then carefully make a perfect heart shaped symbol on the bed.
7.Be classic go out and by your Honeys favorite CHOCOLATE ♥ and a Beautiful card, EXPRESSING YOUR EXACT FEELINGS!
8. Serenade your lover with a UNIQUE SONG AND DANCE, this will be sure to turn you both on!!!
8. Get in touch with the poet in you and write and OLDE TO YOUR HONEY ;)
9. Reserve dinner at your HONEY'S favorite restaurant, good food always PUTS THEM IN THE MOOD!
10. Give your LOVER a break and serve them all day, letting them kno that you appreciate them.
But remeber stay TRUE to yourself in what ever you do and don't let this day go bye as if its not important. Hallmark made it a holiday now YOU personalize it , make it your own and show your HONEY how much they mean to you. PEACE AND LOVE