Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So I have a huge problem with the THIN line between dating and casual sex. Guys AND Girls come off soo sweet and charming and they act as if everything's cool until u have SEX. So how do u kno if your ACTUALLY DATING or JUST HAVING CASUAL SEX??? I myself have been in this positions MANY, MANY, MANY, times before. Because sometimes GUYS & GIRLS can be VERY misleading when it comes to sex. So signs to look for are:
1.If youv'e never been on an OFFICIAL DATE..YOUR NOT DATING
2. If you only have sex..YOUR NOT DATING
3.If you've never met her/his friends or family..YOUR NOT DATING
4.If he/she never calls you..YOUR NOT DATING
5.If he/she only text you..YOUR NOT DATING
6.If he/she never hugs or is affectionate with you if your not having sex..THEN YOU ARE NOT DATING!!!!

I kno it's hard to let someone go who you are emotionally attached too but its better to NOT have sex unless you two have established a REAL RELATIONSHIP...stay true too your self BABES♥ Peace&LOVE!


Kimberly Michelle said...

WONDERFUL post! Love it!! Sending to my friends now! =)