Saturday, November 22, 2008


Im feelin the new love joint from YEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZY..I feel like love is just a bowl of lust, cuz wen shit gets old u can fall outa that shit too easy. Jus bcuz he's your boyfren or shes ur girlfren doesnt mean that, that person is really down. We pick and choose who we like, love and fuck. But at the end of the day does that person choose u the same. UGK and various featured artist gave us a CLASSIC "I CHOOSE YOU"..wait is that even the name??...<-------lol, but yea we can be in love with someone who only views us as casual sex. Or we can choose sumbody who doesnt even deserve to hold our hands. Why is it you can be madly in love 1 day and in a pool full of hatred tommoroow...why do guys love to cuff hoes..jus cus she go hard in the sack??...I mean why you gotta be tricken if u buy your chick a "jus bcuz gift". ..I feel like we should stop putting so much pressure on a relationship and if it's goin south like Keyshia said "jus let it go.." I mean truthfully I feel like we have multiple soul mates. U can vibe with various people on numerous different levels. So why do we have to choose Jus 1?..I've never been in a long term..[[8 mths is my longest]]..and I've kicked it with multiple people..but jus havent met that 1 who make me wanna flip a pancake and fry a egg up. I mean I've came close and I have those who i wonder about a little more than others but, ..but in general I'm jus thinkin this RELATIONSHIP shit is jus stressfull, and not for me....damn Kanye


J wise said...

ain't that the truth, shop around a lil lol