Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Life is the most important thing in the world. We chose who we worship, what we study, who we follow and who we love. But when Life is given to you the only thing you cant control is death. The ultimate good bye, fin, the end, goobye m*&^%$#@#!$%'s
So why do we take the ultimate which is [[LIFE]] for granted. Why Dont we thank our maker every second of every day for breathing breaths into us?..Why do we live life as if we will live forever?..You should start everyday like it's Your last day because ultimately It just might be. Life is a given but death...well the only annoucement your given is when you suck that last breath so stop living in your norm. Experience, learn, laugh, love and start loving your self for who you are beacuse today at this moment you are who you are. Near death experiencing stir up all types of thoughts, you feel blessed when you kiss death in the face and come out alive. But you also feel low when you realize that you almost died with out a legacy. Be your legacy live your legacy, DONT STRAY AWAY THINKING THERE WILL BE A TOMMORROW BEACUSE ULTIMATELY THE ONLY THING IN YOUR LIFE YOU CAN CONTROL IS THE CHOICES YOU MAKE...BECAUSE FATE CONTROLS YOU-PEACE*♥


Kofi Bofah said...

sometimes we all lose sight of what is truly important.